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Innovative Medical Solution Company

A Libyan company specialized in filling the deficit of medical and paramedical staff and sterilization services in addition to managing and following up public and private hospitals, qualifying and training medical and auxiliary medical staff and providing everything related to the human element 

Innovative Medical Solution Company

Specialists in the provision of medical services Trained medical human resources

A leading Libyan company in providing medical services and medical support services to hospitals and medical institutions, the company was established in Tripoli, Libya in 2014 and provided its services to dozens of medical institutions in the country, the company provides medical teams and medical assistants, sterilization services, flying and land ambulance as well as supervision and follow-up hospitals, the company has great experience in the field of medical services and deals with many support companies in providing medical staff in both India Egypt Tunisia Algeria Philippines Ukraine Serbia Bulgaria and several countries on request

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Best Solutions

The best solutions Innovative Solution Company can make health services better

Providing medical personnel, trained human resources and resources to any medical institution gives excellent results for its services and superior medical care that satisfies the customer.

Since our inception, we have been keen to work according to our core values, which represent honesty, integrity, trust and mutual respect with our customers in accordance with the professional standards known to us, and these values are the cornerstone of everything we do and thus determined our identity that we are. As our full belief that our success depends on the success of our customers, and from this point of view, we work with our customers on the principle of partnership, to be partners with them in success

"Our Team"


We provide the best medical services

Providing specialists and experts

Through advanced medical consulting services, we provide it from the largest doctors and senior specialists

Ambulance Services

We provide land and air ambulance services, and we are keen to deliver the patient in the best medical and professional way

Rehabilitation and training of medical personnel

Innovative Solution Company provides training services for medical staff to work with high professionalism

Bringing in medical personnel

We provide trained medical personnel and medical support personnel from all countries of the world

Support and sterilization services

We provide expert medical staff specialized in the field of sterilization

Management and follow-up of hospitals

Innovative medical solutions provide management and follow-up services for public and private hospitals
Medical investment

Investment services in sanatoriums

Innovative Medical Solution Company provides an opportunity for health institutions and hospitals to participate in investing in these clinics by providing qualified medical staff and human resources that ensure the quality of service within these clinics and their success.

Equipping field hospitals

With the latest medical equipment and heat insulators, the company provides innovative medical solution field hospitals

Medical Waste Incinerator

Medical waste incineration services in the western region of Libya Innovative Medical Solution Company provides its services to many clinics

Modern Medical Solutions

We have the best online services and treatment

Innovative Medical Solution Company provides specialized and accurate medical consultation services via the Internet from the best and largest specialized consultants about the worker, as well as supervising the accurate and specialized operations and providing support online and directly

One of the best and biggest doctors specialized in the world in the live streaming service 

To solve medical problems and provide accurate medical support to major institutions

Our specialty is to find innovative solutions to the most difficult logistical problems from anywhere in the world.

Why Innovative Solution is the best?

Our Services are Integrated

We provide integrated services in the field of medical and medical support services

Extensive relationships

The company has extensive international relations from all over the world

Trained Human Resources

Availability of the best trained human resources from all countries of the world

Communication Skills

We listen to our customers, understand their needs

Accuracy in execution

When providing accounting services, there is no room for error

Speed of completion

Because we know the value of time, we get our services done ASAP

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About Us

A leading Libyan company in providing medical services and medical support services to hospitals and medical institutions, the company provided medical and medical assistance teams, sterilization services, flying and land ambulance, as well as supervision and follow-up of hospitals  

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